2019 FAES Summer Course How to guarantee the welfare model?


‘How to guarantee the welfare model?’ was the title of the second conference’s closing dialogue of the 2019 FAES Summer Course. Among the participants were José Antonio Herce, associate director of Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI); Fernando Becker, Applied Economics professor from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), and Gregorio Izquierdo, PhD doctor in Economic Science from UNED (Spanish national non-in-person university). It has been moderated by Miguel Marín, director of the course.


“We should make clear positions and options about longevity, natality and retirement, and avoid that the idea of a basic income settles down in the collective ideology”

“One of the Welfare State objectives is to reduce, poverty, not inequality. We should understand equality as equality of opportunities”

“Redistributing income raises many problems because there are no rules that define it clearly”


“Liberalism is not contrary to the Welfare State, but it is contrary to generating perverse incentives. In the last years there have been adjustments but not cuts”

“Productivity is a variable strategy, but we have a problem when defining the economic model, very focused on services, and that tertiarization leads to a lower productivity”

“We have a very strong initial welfare net, which includes health and education, what should be battled are questions like the poverty trap”

“It is not true that we are facing an unemployment future due to the technological change. Technology destroys employment short term, but it creates it long term”

“You have the right to a decent pension, but you have to produce it. Retirement needs to be earned by being more productive at work”


“The problem with the Spanish welfare model is lack of reality and misconception”

“It is not about spending more, but about spending better”

“Assessing the public spending efficiency is the greatest reform that Spain needs. What is not measured cannot be improved”

“The worst corruption is overspending and irresponsibility”

“Economic growth guarantees Welfare State’s sustainability and it is reached by facilitating investment, employment and efficiency”

“Ageing and harshness of financial conditions are two boosts of future spending”

“We need to reinforce the ‘intergenerational generosity’ concept, because whatever is left unpaid will have to be paid by someone else”

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