Real opportunity to exploit your potential Spain in Europe after the Brexit


The third day of FAES 2019 Summer Course ended with the dialogue on “Spain in Europe after the Brexit” in which the former minister, Josep Piqué, and the journalist and essayist, Tom Burns, took part. Mira Milósevich. Professor at the Instituto de Empresa, moderated the conversation.


"The problem is the influence and real power that the UK will be able to have outside the European Union, rather than the economic impact. The economy will end up flowing; the real problem is political, for the UK and for Europe”

"We are doomed to hard Brexit on October 31 if, as everything points out, Johnson wins the primaries. The negotiation of an extension to continue negotiating after that date is unlikely"

"Brexit has meant an enormous internal fracture for the United Kingdom, similar to what has happened to Catalan society. The Brexit's primary education is that referendums should not be called"

"It is in Spain's interest objectively and for its own internal cohesion that the European Union project be successful"

"The Brexit implies a real opportunity for Spain to exploit its potential. We are a middle power that can have and has a greater potential weight on the global scene"

"The future of Europe is inextricably linked to the United States. At the time, Spain promoted this much more than the European centre because the Atlantic dimension is fundamental for Spain. It is something that it should continue to do and in which it can contribute a great deal"


"Boris Johnson plays to be a buffoon, he will force the United Kingdom's disorderly exit from the European Union on the same day October 31"

"If the rupture is not achieved by 31 October, there will be a very serious problem in the United Kingdom”

"The United Kingdom has not done badly since the Brexit, it has been proved false that it would collapse. In these three years, it has surpassed France in employment, public debt, growth and investment”

Translation by Blanca Domínguez

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