Testimonies of personalities from politics, economics, academy and culture FAES commemorates the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall


The FAES Foundation commemorates the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall through a series of testimonies by personalities from politics, economics, academy and culture. In recordings of no more than one minute that can be followed through this website and the social networks of FAES, these people will tell anecdotes and experiences of that time, giving their different points of view and recalling the impact of this event that, in the opinion of the Fundación, was undoubtedly a triumph of liberal democracy as an ethical, political and economic system superior to communist totalitarianism.

According to FAES, thirty years after the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the liberal democracy is once again threatened by the same totalitarian forces and the pressure of political correctness. The two main conflicts of the Cold War ­­–the class struggle and the battle between democracy and communism­­– have been replaced by the struggle for identities ­–national, cultural, linguistic, tribal, sexual orientation, gender­– and the confrontation between liberal democrats and populists. The objective of the enemies of democracy is that they all converge towards questioning and weakening the political system that guarantees human rights and equality before the law, the two main pillars of open and free societies.

The first of the testimonies will be that of President José María Aznar. He will be followed by the director of FAES and MEP Javier Zarzalejos; the former Hungarian ambassador to Spain and MEP Enikö Györi; the Chilean ambassador to Spain and former political exile in the GDR Roberto Ampuero; the Spanish ambassador and member of the FAES Board Javier Rupérez; professor and editor of Die Zeit Josef Joffe; IE Business School economist and professor Fernando Fernández; deputy director of the Institute of European Studies at CEU-San Pablo Belén Becerril University; columnist John Müller; former Ministry of Defence advisor Jesús de Ramón-Laca, and international relations professor and FAES board member Mira Milosevich.

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