30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall Enikö Györi: "Western Europe takes it for granted to live in a sovereign country without occupation, in freedom and democracy"


Enikö Györi is a member of the European Parliament for the Hungarian Civic Party and was Hungary's ambassador to Spain

I can appreciate what children of luckier nations than Hungary take for granted: to live in a sovereign country, without foreign occupation, in freedom and democracy. We Hungarians had to fight for all this. In 1956 with arms and blood, and in 1989 negotiating. No one has ever given us anything; we had to fight for everything. 

I am very proud to be heir to those who have fought for freedom and had the courage to face a left-wing dictatorial totalitarian regime.

Do you remember the words of Don Quixote? "Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven has bestowed upon men".

#Freedom #Democracy #MuroDeBerlín