30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall “The memory of the Wall must continue to encourage us to work for the strengthening of Europe"


Javier Zarzalejos, director of FAES and MEP

The tearing down of the Berlin Wall was the last chapter in the sinister history of that great wound that had divided Europe between the democracies of freedom and the oppression of communist totalitarianism. Gorbachev does not tear down the Wall. He won freedom and lost oppression.

Today in Berlin what remains of the Wall is the memory of that society and the homage to those who suffered as martyrs for trying to overcome that wall that distanced them from freedom and try to cross it always in the same direction: that of the West, its rule of law and its freedoms.

It is on that memory that we must build our responsibility as successors to those who fought for freedom, a freedom that today is still threatened by uncivil nationalism, ethnic hatred, anti-Semitism, autocracies that want to become heirs of socialism, condemning their peoples to poverty and oppression.

That memory must continue to encourage us to work to strengthen that Europe that was reunited on the ruins of what had divided it.

The tearing down of the Berlin Wall represented the end of a story, but History has followed, and it is up to us to ensure that that story that follows, that of all, can continue to be written in terms of freedom.

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