Public private collaboration in the welfare model

02/07/2019. The programmes’ secretary of PP, Mario Garcés, and chairman of IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management, Julio Gómez-Pomar, have discussed about ‘Public-private collaboration in the Welfare model’ moderated by the associate professor of the Public Law Department at Eversheds Sutherland, Alberto Dorrego. Some of the issues debated have been: the actual scope of the concept ‘public private collaboration’, PPC; the confusing public debate about privatisations; and the incentives and risks system that regulates the relation between public administrations and pri...

How to guarantee the welfare model?

02/07/2019. ‘How to guarantee the welfare model?’ was the title of the second conference’s closing dialogue of the 2019 FAES Summer Course. Among the participants were José Antonio Herce, associate director of Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI); Fernando Becker, Applied Economics professor from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), and Gregorio Izquierdo, PhD doctor in Economic Science from UNED (Spanish national non-in-person university).

Aznar: “It is not institutionally logical to blame on others your own responsibility of achieving the majority nor to demand free support”

01/07/2019. José María Aznar, has claimed this morning that “from the institutional perspective it is logical” that who opts to be a candidate for becoming the president, “must have kind of a well-founded idea of which will be the majority he should rely on”. “Which is not institutionally logical is to blame on others your own responsibility of achieving that majority, nor to demand free support, nor to claim at the same time a ‘wide’ electoral victory as you threat with new elections”, he has assured.

“My task and my party’s is to rebuild the right pillar of our system and to show the path for the reconstruction of the left one”

01/07/2019. Pablo Casado has opened the 2019 FAES Summer Course, where he has assured that “his task and his party’s is very clear: to rebuild the right pillar of our system. Also, to show the left pillar its reconstruction path, encouraging them to do so”. “I will always be willing to help in this exhaustive task which is the truly important one. Nevertheless, I will not cooperate, nor actively nor passively, for PSOE to keep the same path”, he has claimed.

Spain: democratic quality

01/07/2019. The first conference of the 2019 FAES Summer Course has ended with the dialogue about ‘Democratic quality’ among the professor from Universidad del País Vasco, Francisco Llera; the head of Instituto Juan de Mariana, Eduardo Fernández Luiña, and the professor from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Jorge del Palacio, moderated by the professor from Universidad Carlos III Javier Redondo.

Pablo Casado opens 2019 FAES Summer Course, dedicated to Spain this year

20/06/2019. FAES Foundation will hold from the 1st to the 5th of July the XVI edition of its Summer Course, which is titled ‘Spain: democratic quality, cohesion and future of the welfare state’, and it will be celebrated among the courses held by the Universidad Complutense and the Banco Santander, in the Madrilenian town of San Lorenzo del Escorial. FAES Summer Course will be open on Monday 1st by the President of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, and closed on Friday 5th by the former President of the Spanish government and FAES President, José María Aznar.

Felipe VI, guarantor of the unity and historical continuity of Spain

19/06/2019. “In a period of big difficulties for our country, His Majesty's role, rooted in his training and qualities, has been key. As Spanish citizen, I thank him for his extraordinary work”, has stated José María Aznar.