The Ayatollah is naked

14/01/2020. Trump has reminded the world of the true dimension of the Iranian threat: a small, unstable and underdeveloped country that has much to lose in a confrontation with the United States. Something obvious that many experts seemed to have forgotten. The Ayatollah is naked. And his fellow citizens seem to have taken note of it.

The last lesson of Sir Roger Scruton (1944-2020)

13/01/2020. Scruton, who had written that "the value of life does not consist in its duration but in its depth", ended his work by choosing this beautiful word: gratitude. Today, those of us who ask for the rest of his soul, the comfort of his family and friends and the recognition that his figure deserves, feel profound gratitude.

“Suffering a coup d’état and not dismantling it, making a pact with the coup leaders and giving them the key of the country is something more serious than a huge political mistake”

10/01/2020. After Pedro Sánchez was invested as president of the coalition government between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, the former president of the government and president of FAES, José María Aznar, has asked himself "what future can await a Nation that puts its destiny in the hands of those who want to destroy it?". "This PSOE, plus the communists, plus the secessionists, can only be a front against the Nation, against the State and against the Constitution," said Aznar.

La Abogacía del Estado y el abogado general

27/12/2019. El TJUE ha cambiado el criterio seguido hasta ahora, pero la Fiscalía sostiene que ello no afecta a la posición procesal del interesado. ¿Por qué había de ser distinta la posición del abogado general? Si se mantuviera esta posición distinta por motivos políticos se dañaría, puede que de manera irreversible, el prestigio de la Abogacía del Estado.

The Assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

19/12/2019. The people in Malta are looking to Europe for concrete actions proving their support: a framework in place to ensure that every Member State continues to play by the rules set out upon their accession and a pan-European rule of law mechanism must be designed and executed so that no Member State can violate our Treaty with impunity.

European Parliament elects Javier Zarzalejos to draft the proposal for the revision of the European arrest warrant

18/12/2019. "We must succeed in strengthening the principle of mutual trust between the judicial systems of European countries in order to prevent any alleged offender from being able to move freely around Europe when there are court rulings requesting their arrest," added.

Zarzalejos accuses Bildu's Barrena of refusing to condemn ETA killings of journalists

17/12/2019. "You have the opportunity to say here today, before talking about freedom of expression, as you are doing, whether you condemn all the crimes of ETA, including of course those directed against journalists and media", FAES director also told the Bildu MEP.

The Spanish economy: mistakes and right paths

12/12/2019. Professor Juan Velarde points out in the new PapelesFAES that Pedro Sánchez's initial economic proposals are "alarming," and that the economic policy path of the socialist party and its allies leads to social ruin and crisis.