Sedition and lies

15/10/2019. The ruling of the Supreme Court offers subject matter for detailed consideration and also for disagreement. The effective enforcement of sentences without benefits is an essential question of the credibility of the democratic legal order. The judgement also raises questions to be addressed in the future: there are matters of legislative policy that must be addressed in order to update the means at the disposal of the rule of law to ensure its integrity.

Desestabilización, protestas indígenas y crisis en Ecuador

14/10/2019. La posición de Lenin Moreno era lo correcto, porque los subsidios son un lujo que Ecuador no puede sostener, pero se equivocó en su estrategia. Ahora busca solucionar la crisis dialogando con los líderes indígenas, aunque no es seguro que un acuerdo calme las aguas. Nada está dicho aún.

Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político 64

14/10/2019. The new issue of the FAES magazine includes articles on the new welfare challenges, the causes and consequences of electoral polarisation, the evolution of the relationship between Europe and the United Kingdom after the Brexit, the crisis in US foreign policy, the role of China and the need for educational reform, among others.

The ‘kale borroka’ in Catalonia

09/10/2019. In Catalonia there is a routine 'kale borroka' that is perceived in the propaganda of the independentist media, the psychological pressures, the insults, the yellow ties, the tweets, the whatsapp messages; the torchlight processions that recall the supremacist movements. And what does the 'revolución de las sonrisas' say in? Some keep quiet. Others show exquisite prudence. And the pro-independence groups of the Parliament of Catalonia and the President of the Generalitat pull the detainees shouting "freedom". The author of this #PapelesFAES asserts is a symptom of a sick society.

The inheritance that the president of Colombia Iván Duque Márquez received

08/10/2019. The president must face a difficult macroeconomic situation and the Venezuelan diaspora with a divided nation. And he must do it without having political majorities And responding to the legitimate demands of an left-wing political opposition that demands compliance with agreements with narco-terrorism unfeasible from the outset.

Aznar: "España Suma is a good initiative to rebuild the centre-right"

07/10/2019. José María Aznar asserts that the situation is of "delicate prognosis" due to separatism, governance problems and the economic slowdown. He also considers that "the greatest risk for the continuity of the EU is populism in Germany".

Albania: entre la negociación con la UE y la crisis política

07/10/2019. El origen de la actual crisis en Albania es político. La polarización se intensificó en primavera con las protestas de la oposición. Las elecciones locales el 13 de octubre de 2019 serán un salvoconducto en vistas de la decisión de la UE sobre la ampliación.

Jacques Chirac: the last pompidurian

02/10/2019. A politician with many edges and several public faces, was the best example of what the French expect from their president. He was the last son of a great generation of politicians who quote to the rise before the smallness of their successors. A world died with him, but France must continue as a bastion of how exceptional the European model has for the world.