Zarzalejos closes in Barcelona el 19th FAES-ESADE seminar on Human Rights

/12.04.13/.- The secretary-general of FAES Foundation, Javier Zarzalejos, has closed the 19th edition of the Permanent Human Rights Seminar Antonio Marzal organised by FAES and the ESADE Law School under the title Internet and Human Rights’.

Aznar and Macri open the ‘1st FAES Forum on Latin America’ in Buenos Aires

12/04/2013. /12.04.13/.-José María Aznar and Mauricio Macri, head of the Government of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, have opened the ‘1st FAES Forum on Latin America’ in the Argentinean capital, with the participation of 80 political leaders, economic experts, intellectuals and scholars from Europe, Latin America and the United States. The Forum has focused on three major topics: democracy, institutions and the Rule of Law; parties and political action; and economy and civil society.

“We must introduce ourselves as what we are: advocates of freedom, democracy and progress”

11/04/2013. /11.04.13/.- José María Aznar said during the closing session of the International Seminar ‘Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities’, organized by Libertad Foundation in Rosario (Argentina) on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary, that “we must openly introduce ourselves as what we are: advocates of freedom, democracy and of the real progress of societies”.

José María Aznar preside en Buenos Aires el "I Foro FAES para América Latina"

/12.04.13/.- José María Aznar ha presidido en Buenos Aires el "I Foro FAES para América Latina", al que han asistido líderes políticos, expertos económicos, intelectuales y académicos de Europa, América Latina y Estados Unidos. El Foro ha analizado el momento político, social y económico que vive América Latina, y ha avanzado ideas y propuestas para la consolidación de la democracia, el Estado de Derecho y la prosperidad en la región. El acto se ha desarrollado en el marco de las celebraciones del XXV Aniversario de la Fundación Libertad, cuyo seminario central ha claus...

Aznar closes the new edition of the joint FAES-EIN seminar

28/02/2013. /28.02.13/.- José María Aznar closed the joint FAES-EIN seminar on democracy and institutional building after the ‘Arab Spring’ and the creation of a transatlantic prosperity area.

FAES conference “The impact of the internet on the Spanish economy”

19/02/2013. /19.02.13/.- FAES foundation celebrated the conference 'The impact of the internet on the Spanish economy' in Madrid. The speakers at the event were the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz, the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, Víctor Calvo-Sotelo, and the Boston Consulting Group Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Ignacio Álvarez Martínez.

Presentation of the documentary archive on Gregorio Ordoñez in Madrid

04/02/2013. /04.02.13/.- José María Aznar participated on Monday, February 4, in the presentation of the documentary archive on Gregorio Ordoñez in Madrid, murdered 18 years ago by the terrorist group ETA. This archive gathers and asserts the legacy of the fight for freedom and against terrorism initiated by the man that used to be councillor of the PP in San Sebastián and MP representing Guipúzcoa in the Basque Parliament. Organized by FAES and the Gregorio Ordoñez Foundation, the event also hosted as speakers the former mayor of Lizarza Regina Otaola, and Ana Iribar, the widow of the former p...

First FAES Campus Chile and launching of the FAES report ‘Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012’

11/01/2013. /11.01.13/.- José María Aznar stated that “the historical continuity of a Nation that embraced democracy and stands as a guarantee of freedom deserves to be defended with the greatest courage and conviction”