Sesión de apertura del Campus FAES Argentina 2010

14/10/2010 Francisco Cabrera: Argentina has a great 'foundational importance' because it is one of the few countries of the world that can contribute on the five key issues of the international agenda: food; natural resources; environment; disarmament and non-proliferation; and fighting terrorism Mary Ponte: Chavez has turned Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua into its satellites. In parallel it holds dangerous relationships with Iran, Russia, Sudan, Libya and Zimbabwe, which generates a constant confrontation with the US and with our neighbour Colombia Francisco de Santiba?es: Responsible nations have to consider all different possible scenarios. Today there are two dominating powers which could confront each other in a new Cold War: the US and China Miguel ?ngel Cort?s: Classical-liberal ideas succeeded. So much so, that they now are common heritage Democracy doesn't exist if there's no freedom to choose amongst different things. Citizens have the right to have options. It's time to start taking action and for that we need modern political parties Diego Ramiro Guelar: It's very important for youths to get involved in politics