Tercera jornada del Campus FAES Argentina 2010


http://assets.fundacionfaes.org/Home+FAES/2010PC/LEDEZMA_AZNAR_MACRI_FLORES.jpg Jos? Mar?a Aznar: Today we can see how some countries of Latin America have chosen correctly where they want to be and they are advancing towards that target. They have not resigned themselves to be an eternal 'land of opportunities' on a seemingly eternal yet-to-come status but have rather set out to take hold of that When a project is beyond Government changes, institutionalisation works and alternation of power - essential for democracy - does not become a mere yearning to change the system. Means are sought to advance towards the common objective. Nobody wishes to silence or to remove the opponent to impose an excluding system On September 26 the majority of Venezuelans chose a project that goes beyond elections. They chose a project for a free country. They chose a project for a country where institutions guarantee the rights of people instead of trampling on them. They chose a project for a country based on harmony, capable of generating opportunities for all. The fact that this majority has not been faithfully reflected in the distribution of benches just shows the stubbornness and obsession of staying in power the regime has Organized crime, in its different versions, is a terrible challenge for the State in some Latin American countries. The State must defeat organised crime in all its manifestations. It cannot be weak and it must apply all its institutional power. It cannot leave any empty spaces because wherever there's no State, criminal organisations establish themselves We cannot allow certain countries to shelter terrorists. Sheltering assassins is unacceptable and must have consequences. We must stay united and demonstrate our determination and strength before those countries that help terrorists. They must be aware that we will never give in searching and arresting terrorists. All of them without exception will be brought to trial for their crimes Regression of freedoms is a risk for Latin America. Freedoms form a unit, in such a way that if one of them is attacked, the rest of them also suffer the consequences. Thus, the attack to freedom of press is therefore an attack to all freedoms. Some governments seem to forget that their main responsibility is to guarantee freedoms, obviously including freedom of press Attacking freedom of press is a cross-section attack to freedoms. Freedom of press promotes freedom of thought, and freedom of thought is the foundation of the freedom of our actions Address by Jos? Mar?a Aznar (in Spanish) (http://fundacionfaes.bluecell.es/record_file/filename/2943/FA_0480_2010_10_14_JOSE_MARIA_AZNAR_CAMPUS_FAES_ARGENTINA.pdf)