As part of the celebration of the Summit of the Americas next April 10 and 11 22 Latin American presidents denounce the democratic alteration suffered by Venezuela


They have signed the Declaration of Panama, to be released on April 9 in Panama

SIGNATORIES: E. Duhalde (Argentina), J. Quiroga (Bolivia), S. Piñera (Chile), A. Pastrana, Á. Uribe and B. Betancur (Colombia), M. Á. Rodriguez, R. Á. Calderon, L. Chinchilla, O. Arias and L. A. Monge (Costa Rica), O. Hurtado and L. Gutiérrez (Ecuador), A. Cristiani and A. Calderón Sol (El Salvador), J. M. Aznar (Spain), F. Calderon and V. Fox (Mexico), N. Ardito and M. Moscoso (Panama), A. Toledo (Peru) and L. A. Lacalle (Uruguay)

They call on the Summit participants for the joining of efforts to build an alternative to the Venezuelan crisis, the immediate release of political prisoners and the restoration of fundamental rights

The former Prime Minister of Spain and President of FAES Foundation, José María Aznar, has signed with 21 former heads of State and Government of Latin America the Declaration of Panama, which denounces the constitutional and democratic alteration suffered by Venezuela, and which will be released on April 9, on the eve of the celebration of the VII Summit of the Americas. The Declaration calls for a joining of efforts to build an alternative solution to the crisis in Venezuela; obtain the release of political prisoners, and restore the conditions for the exercise of fundamental rights.

To date, the Declaration of Panama has been signed by the former president of Argentina, Eduardo Duhalde; Bolivia, Jorge Quiroga; of Chile, Sebastián Piñera; of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana, Uribe and Belisario Betancur; of Costa Rica, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Rafael Angel Calderon, Laura Chinchilla, Oscar Arias and Luis Alberto Monge; of Ecuador, Osvaldo Hurtado and Lucio Gutiérrez; of El Salvador, Alfredo Cristiani and Armando Calderón Sol; of Spain, José María Aznar; of Mexico, Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox; of Panama, Mireya Moscoso and Nicolás Ardito; of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, and Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle.

The 22 former heads of State and Government declare that the Summit of the Americas cannot ignore the urgent and pressing need to support the people of Venezuela. For this reason, they address the participating States, the OAS and the UN, warning them that the democratic alteration affecting the country is even deeper in social and economic aspects, and they call for efforts to build an alternative solution that respects the constitutional principles and international standards. They further demand the release of those suffering prison for their ideas and political activities; and the restoration of the necessary conditions for the exercise of fundamental rights and civil liberties, as well as the reinstating of the separation of powers so that the development of free and fair elections is objectively ensured.

All signatories of the document are grouped in the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas, IDEA, a nongovernmental high-level international forum specifically created for the promotion, defence and sustainability of democracy as a right of the people.