After the joining of De la Rúa, Cardoso, Lagos, Durán Ballén, Martinelli and Mejía in the last hours 31 Latin American Presidents Have Already Signed the Declaration of Panama


Former presidents of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa; Brazil, Fernando H. Cardoso; Chile, Ricardo Lagos; Ecuador, Sixto Durán Ballén; Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, and Dominican Republic, Hipólito Mejía, have joined the Declaration of Panama after its release last April 9. With these new signings, 31 Ibero-American former heads of State and Government have signed the document denouncing the situation suffered by Venezuela.

So far, the Declaration has been signed by the former presidents of Argentina, Eduardo Duhalde and Fernando de la Rúa; Brazil, Fernando H. Cardoso; of Bolivia, Jorge Quiroga; of Chile, Sebastián Piñera and Ricardo Lagos; of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana, Uribe and Belisario Betancur; of Costa Rica, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Rafael Angel Calderon, Laura Chinchilla, Oscar Arias and Luis Alberto Monge; of Ecuador, Osvaldo Hurtado, Lucio Gutiérrez and Sixto Duran Ballen; of El Salvador, Alfredo Cristiani and Armando Calderón Sol; of Spain, José María Aznar and Felipe González; of Mexico, Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox; of Panama, Mireya Moscoso, Nicolás Ardito and Ricardo Martinelli; from Paraguay, Juan Carlos Wasmosy; of Peru, Alejandro Toledo; the Dominican Republic, Hipólito Mejía, and Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle and Julio María Sanguinetti.

With this document, the signatories intend to promote a climate of peace and negotiations to seek a non-violent solution to the crisis suffered by Venezuela, that respects the constitutional and democratic principles and international regulations. The text also demands the immediate release of political prisoners and the restoration of conditions making the exercise of fundamental rights and civil liberties in the country possible.