The necessary tax reform


The fiscal debate has focused on the reforms needed to configure a fair and efficient tax system that contributes to the competitiveness and growth of the economy. The new government, with proposals that are not exempt from controversy, has given new impetus to the discussion. This roundtable will try to shed light on this debate, analyzing the areas of improvement of our tax structure and the adequacy of recent tax reform proposals.

Román Escolano, State Commercial Technician and Economist; former Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness:
"It's a mistake to put the Spanish economy on the path to higher taxes"
"The idea of modifying the article 135 is worrying. Article 135 is just a base. In fact, the fiscal reform experience of President Aznar's years in office should be an indication that we need to go further"
"The budgetary margin for expenditure purposes is practically non-existent. The dilemma is what model we want if we do not find another way of public financing"
"Employment is the lever to reduce inequality and higher taxes would harm its creation"

Fernando Fernández, IE Business School lecturer:
"Spain cannot afford to abandon fiscal consolidation, because it maintains a structural deficit that can only increase as a consequence of the economic effects of the ageing population and the increase in spending on health and pensions"
"Spain has an inefficient tax structure that taxes little and badly. Little because it is full of exemptions, deductions and minimum rates"
"Spain requires a radical change in the tax structure, such as that presented in the Lagares Report, which in summary said that it was necessary to tax spent income and not generated income in order to create employment and encourage savings and growth"

Luis Trigo, partner of Broseta Abogados:
"The tax system must effectively meet the objective of budgetary stability and support its application in the constitutional principles of justice"
"The revision of the tax system cannot be the result of improvisation, experimentation with occurrences, or based on demagogic approaches"

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