Opening in San Sebastián of ‘Gregorio Ordoñez. La vida possible” “Gregorio had an idea of Spain and believed in a free Basque country, and that is still more valid than ever and must be revendicated”


The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, attended the opening of the exhibition ‘Gregorio Ordoñez, la vida posible’ in San Sebastián, which is being held to commemorate the Basque politician on the 25th anniversary of his assassination. “I want to take advantage of this moment to remember Gregorio Ordoñez in a very special way. As you know, just few days before his assassination I had proclaimed him candidate for mayor of San Sebastián. And the expectation is that he was going to be mayor of San Sebastián, he was going to have the majority”, he said.

“Gregorio was a great Basque, a great Gipuzkoan. Gregorio was murdered for his ideas, for his conditions, and today we remember him for that. He was assassinated because he believed in freedom, he was assassinated because he believed in a free Basque Country, because he did not submit , because he was the leader of the Popular Party and because he had an idea of Spain, said Aznar, who pointed out that “today the conditions of Gregorio, who spoke clearly, who spoke loudly, who spoke without any kind of prejudice and who was capable of confronting all those who wanted to put an end to freedom in the Basque Country and in Spain are still more valid than ever and must be reclaimed”.

He also said that "in times like these, which are difficult and very complicated, in which everything tends to get confused and nothing can be defended, Gregorio Ordoñez must not only be remembered. He is an example for Spanish political life, he is an example for everyone, and he has to be an example, especially for the young generations, that everything that happened was not a simple coincidence, something that has to be buried, that has to be forgotten". "You can't say 'nothing happened here'. Many things have happened, and one of them is the terrible murder of Gregorio Ordonez. May it serve as a lesson to us all for the very difficult days and moments we are living", he said.

"May Gregorio's life, his example and his courage serve us all as a light, a beacon and a guide to face the difficult issues in which life, freedom and the destiny of nations are at stake," concluded Aznar.

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